12ft Roof for 360 trampoline

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Roof for round 3.60 m in diameter trampoline.

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    Your Jump’Up or Booster 360 trampoline with enclosure will be perfectly protected from UV light and your children will be able to play in the shade. Your family will be able to spend hours playing on their trampoline, whilst being protected from light rain and strong sunshine.

    - Your trampoline will become a safe and exciting place to play with this roof.

    - This roof for trampoline, held in place using flexible fibreglass rods, can be fitted to the top of the enclosure. The trampoline remains entirely covered, so if you have placed your trampoline under a tree, you will no longer have to sweep leaves from the jumping mat when you want to have a session.

    - The 12ft 360 round roof cover is adapted to the Jump'Up and Booster 360 trampolines with enclosure only. It is not adapted to the Oxygen, Hip Hop, Ovalie, Waouuh and rectangular trampoline ranges.

    Even if you bought your trampoline through another company, you will still be able to use this roof, as long as your trampoline measures exactly 3.66 m in diameter and respects the following conditions:

    - You trampoline should have 8 net posts, with rounded caps, placed at equidistance from each other,

    - The diameter of these rounded caps should measure between 25 mm and 38 mm, and should measure 50 mm in height.

    This accessory does not replace the cleanliness cover which protects the textile components of your trampoline.

    WARNING: The roof of the trampoline must be removed if it is very windy or raining heavily, to avoid any problems, damage or pooling of water on the tarpaulin. Otherwise the enclosure could be damaged. This accessory cannot ensure that the trampoline will be completely waterproof.

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