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France trampoline has chosen several fun games for your trampoline. They will make your afternoon trampolining sessions with friends and family even more enjoyable. Do not hesitate to take a look at our wide range of games, which will thrill your children!

Come and discover our fun range of games for trampolines!

Trampofootball, tramposcratch, fun balls and juggling balls, try all of the different activities on your trampoline. Giant chalk will allow your children to develop their creativity, they will be able to strass their drawings over and over again on the jumping pad of the trampoline. Do not forget about our birthday packs for a fun birthday party. If you want to spend a night on your trampoline then you need the igloo tent!

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    Kids basketball hoop designed for trampoline use. Easy attachment thanks to 4 adjustable straps. Suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old.

  • 8 avis Pre-order

    Rigid basketball hoop for trampoline delivered with a basketball

    66,58 € 5658€
  • 15 avis En stock

    Anti-slip socks available in 2 coloured sizes. Specially made to be used on a trampoline, they will stop your children from slipping on the mat while jumping.

  • 189 avis En stock

    Target for football and handball for recreational trampolines.

  • 9 avis En stock

    Discover the trampo-football, a fun accessory for your trampoline that your children will love!

  • 10 avis Pre-order

    A light, foam football for safe use on a trampoline. This ball will be perfectly adapted to use with the Trampo-football accessory and will not damage your trampoline.

  • 37 avis Pre-order

    A velcro target for garden trampolines.

  • 57 avis Pre-order

    Velcro target to fix on your trampoline with three self-adhesive balls for family fun.

  • Pre-order

    A game of skill and agility for your kids!

  • 93 avis Pre-order

    Make your trampolining sessions even more fun with these expression balls!

  • 4 avis Pre-order

    Set of two foam dice and a fun ball. Vary your child's trampoline games with awakening activities full of fun.

  • 7 avis Pre-order

    Light and easy to pick up for young children, this foam dice is fun but also teach you to count!

  • 4 avis En stock

    Skateboard designed to be used on a trampoline.

    62,42 € 5742€
  • En stock

    Accessories to replace traditional trucks to adapt your skateboard to trampoline use. Made of polyurethane, they allow you to use your skateboard on a trampoline without causing any damage to the jumping mat.

  • 9 avis Pre-order

    A trampofootball and a foam ball make up this football pack!

  • 8 avis En stock

    Training skis for trampolines.

  • 1 avis Pre-order

    Training board for freestyling on a trampoline.


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