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Frog Zipline

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A 28-m frog-shaped garden zipline that is easy to install. This complete kit is manufactured with high-quality materials. Ideal for children from the age of 3, and for adults.



Ready, steady? Go! Get a load of thrills in complete security with our Frog Zipline! Family members of all ages are going to love it! This is the first-ever frog-shaped zipline to install in your garden!

- A complete kit, all you need to do is set it up! Easy to install, our children's zipline is hooked up to two (healthy) trees:

    - departing tree with a maximum circumference of 188 cm / minimum diameter 30 cm  and maximum diameter 60 cm (a longer start cable is also available FTTYRO_ELIN14).

    - arrival tree with a maximum circumference of 92 cm (minimum diameter 30 cm, with a maximum diameter of 40 cm)

    - be careful, the distance between the starting point and the finishing point must not exceed 28m.

- This kit is made of sturdy, reliable materials: a pulley with slip-proof handles, a ganvanized stell cable measuring 28 m (Ø 5 mm), a slinging cable, cable clamps, a seat with a hanging rope, a braking system with 1.60m spring for user safety, and a tensioner.

- Create a customized course right at home! We recommend that you install the Frog Zipline above a soft surface (grass, lawn, sand, and so on) to avoid any injuries in the event of a fall.

- The Frog Zipline is a fun garden game for children from the age of 3 (under parental supervision). Maximum weight load: 110 kg.

- The zipline is easy to install, and an installation sheet is supplied. Please remember to take it down once the weather turns cold (negative temperatures).

- Package dimensions: 32 x 32 x 28 cm. Weight: 8 kg.

Determining the height of the seat: When you are seated on your zipline seat you should be able to reach the handles of the pulley.

1- Use the "S" between the pulley and the seat to re-adjust the rope.

2- If need be, you may tie a knot in the rope underneath the seat of the zipline.

Frog Zipline
Dimensions28 m long
Accessories includedPulley with handgrips / 28-meter galvanized steel cable / 1 1.53-meter sling cable / Seat & suspension rope / Braking system (spring)
MaterialGalvanized steel cables / Galvanized steel cable / Plastic seat
Cable diameter5 mm
PoulieGreen - Frog shape
AssiseGreen plastic
User weight limit110 kg
Installation tipInstall on a flat, cleared area
Minimum age3 years - recommended 6 years and over
Warantee1 year
NormeMarquage CE et EN-71

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