Zipline harness

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Harness for 28m and 45m garden ziplines. To be used by children under adult supervision. Keeps user safe while sliding down the zipline.  



    This harness for garden ziplines safely attaches the user while playing on the zipline. This piece of safety equipment prevents falls while sliding down the zipline. The harness also reassures parents when the zipline is installed at a certain height.  

    A strap and one carabiner are provided with the harness. The yellow strap is attached with a carabiner to the top of the zipline underneath the pulley.

    It is recommended that this harness be used by children under adult supervision to help them put it on and take it off. The harness may be used by both children and adults.  

    This harness is sold in one size only. The hip and thigh straps are easily adjustable.  

    This product is suitable for our 28m and 45m ziplines, as well as other brands with a steel ring under a pulley on which to hook the upper carabiner.  

    Caution: The zipline must be installed high enough so that the user doesn’t touch the ground when falling and remains hanging safely from the pulley until the end of the descent.  

    Zipline harness
    User weight limit110 kg
    Warranty6 months
    CouleurBlack and red
    Carabiner25 kN (5600 LBS/ 2540 kg)
    Length yellow strap1.20m
    Yellow strap width2.8 cm
    Harness width4.5 cm
    Max waist circumference1.20m
    Max thigh circumference90 cm
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