Little Kids Pack

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Set of two foam dice and a fun ball. Vary your child's trampoline games with awakening activities full of fun.



    Awaken your kids' senses with our Little Kids pack. Adopt this fun and educational accessory to your trampoline time.

    Using the giant colourful dice, you can introduce your child to maths in a fun way. 

    - Foam dice with 15.5cm each side, extremely light, only 155g. A young child can easily hold them and throw them on your trampoline. 

    - Use of the giant foam dice is safe for your child. 

    Have even more fun with the fun balls, with their bright colours and funny faces that will stimulate your children's senses. 

    This ball is specially designed to be used on a trampoline, provided with an excellent bounce, its lightness and softness will allow your kids to have fun. 

    The ball is delivered deflated to avoid any risks of damage during delivery. It will only take a few seconds to inflate. 

    Face and color random among 6 models. Unfortunately, we are not technically able to offer you the choice of colors.

    Little Kids Pack

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