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A velcro target for garden trampolines.



    The Trampo-target is a brand new game developed by France Trampoline, both adults and children over eight years old will love.

    This accessory will make your family trampolining sessions much more fun for both adults and children. The aim of game is to score as many points as possible, trying to be as accurate as possible, all whilst jumping on the trampoline!

    - The Trampo-target is made of 20 small targets, each scoring a different amount of points. To get the biggest score, it is important to aim for the highest numbers.

    - This game comes with 6 orange and green velcro balls.

    - Easy to install, this resistant PVC canvas can be adapted to most of the enclosures on the market, as long as they have plastic caps on top of the steel net posts.

    - The Trampo-target must be installed using an enclosure, as it must be set on the inside of the net.

    - This accessory can be adapted to all trampolines using net posts with plastic caps at the top: the straps on the Trampo-target have been designed to be solidly fixed.

    Your children will be able to work all their excess energy off on the trampoline whilst enjoying themselves, as the Trampo-target requires great dexterity and coordination. Whilst playing, children will not only use this dexterity, but also mental arithmetic, to count up the points as they score them.


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