Extension for trampoline feet

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This framework extension for France Trampoline's trampolines



    This spare part will allow you to replace your steel framework extension on your France Trampoline's trampoline.

    France Trampoline offers high quality trampolines. After several years of use, it is sometimes necessary to change some of the steel components on a trampoline, such as the vertical foot extension.

    We want you to be able to use your recreational trampoline for as long as possible, which is why we can replace this component. Buying a vertical extension for your trampoline can give it a new lease of life, without having to change the whole trampoline.

    This spare steel part is 1.5 mm thick and has a diameter of either 38 or 42 mm, depending on the trampoline that you own. The framework has been hot-dip galvanised making it highly rust-resistant. This extension is only compatible with France Trampoline trampolines of over 3.60 m in diameter.

    The semi circles and extensions are joined using a T-junction components. The male component of this T-junction fits into the flared part of the extensions. The W-shaped foot should then clip onto the lower part of the extension using pins, meaning that the feet will remain in place when you move the trampoline.

    The same extensions will be useful to fix your enclosure posts to, using specific brackets provided by France Trampoline.

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