Natural wood balance board

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Curved wooden balance board, ideal for stimulating creativity, practicing yoga or strengthening muscles. Suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Available in two colours: natural wood and black.

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    Are you looking for a piece of equipment to have fun and exercise? Discover our new wooden balance board!

    The balance board, otherwise known as the "Balance Board" or "Freeman's Board", is a platform made of wood with a deliberately curved base to make the standing position unstable and swaying. The boards are suitable for children, teenagers and adults alike, and can be used in any situation!

    Balance exercises are an essential part of children's motor development. The balance board allows them to let off steam in a creative way: it can be transformed into a swing, a seesaw, a slide or a sledge, because the shape of this "rocking board" leaves a lot of room for the imagination!

    Even as an adult, the board can be used in countless ways! It gives a new impetus to your workout and works the muscles of the whole body thanks to its flexibility. As a yoga accessory you can vary your exercises in a new way and use your balance board as a meditation stool.

    Thanks to its curved shape, the possibilities for play are numerous and stimulate creativity: you can perform positions while sitting, standing or lying down! An activity booklet is included with the balance, ideal for yoga beginners to discover challenges and to vary the exercises.

    A good sense of balance is essential, especially for certain sports activities. Improving one's sense of balance is above all about functional training to prevent loss of independence and the risk of falling. In addition to yoga sessions, the balance board is perfect for strengthening muscles or improving sports performance.

    The board is made of natural wood from Germany, more precisely from North Rhine-Westphalia. It is robust, soft and flexible and can support a maximum weight of 120 kg.

    It is available in two colours: natural wood and black, varnished with natural oils from Germany, solvent-free and dermatologically tested.

    Please note that the balance board does not bend. Do not leave outside or in a damp place. Always clean after each use. Limit one user to the board at a time.

    When practising sports, we recommend that you use your balance board barefoot and, depending on your floor, on a yoga mat / gym mat.

    Cork handles are also available for a better grip during fitness or yoga exercises.

    Natural wood balance board
    Dimensions86 x 28 x19 cm
    User weight limit120 kg
    Minimum age3 years - recommended 6 years and over
    Warranty2 years
    NormeDIN EN 913 certified (sports equipment)
    Poids du produit2,3 kg
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