8ft Roof for 250 trampoline

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Roof for round 8ft trampoline with 6 posts.

FIN DE SERIE -35,00 €

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    Bring extra protection to your Jump’Up 250 trampoline with enclosure to reduce exposure to UV light. Your children and grandchildren will be able to spend more time in the shade and protected from light rain on the trampoline.

    - By using this roof your trampoline will be transformed into a hut for the greatest pleasure of small children.

    - This roof is to be installed on top of your enclosure. It covers the top of the trampoline completely. If you have put your trampoline under a tree, you will no longer have to pick up leaves!

    - The 250 roof is adapted to the Jump'Up 250 trampoline with enclosure only. It is not adapted to the Oxygen, Hip Hop, Ovalie, Booster, Waouuh and rectangular trampoline ranges.

    If you bought your trampoline through a different company, it is still possible to use this roof as long as it measures exactly 2.44 m in diameter and respects the following conditions:

    - You trampoline should have 6 equidistant nets posts, with rounded caps.

    - The diameter of these rounded caps should measure between 25 mm and 38 mm, and they should be 50 mm in height.

    This accessory does not replace the cleanliness cover which protects the textile components of your trampoline.

    WARNING: The roof of the trampoline must be removed if it is very windy or raining heavily, to prevent it from flying away, getting damaged or water pooling on the tarpaulin.  This is very important for the safety of the enclosure. This accessory cannot ensure that the trampoline will be completely waterproof.


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