Igloo tent 14ft / 430 trampoline

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Tent for round 14ft / 4.30 m in diameter trampoline.



    Our igloo tent accessory will allow you to transform your trampoline into a real play area, which your children will love. They will be able to rest and play inside the tent on the trampoline. This will create new interest for your trampoline.

    - This igloo tent is adapted to round trampolines of 14ft / 4.30 m in diameter and our 430 Jump’Up and Booster trampolines.

    - The tent is fixed to the trampoline on both sides, on two vertical posts. It is solidly fixed to the trampoline and will not be able to move around.

    - The tent is designed using three flexible fibreglass rods of 12.7 mm in diameter. It can easily be pushed to one side of the trampoline and once the tent is folded away, you will able to use the trampoline normally.

    - This tent is made of 170T polyester, which is resistant and lightweight, making the tent easy to use.

    - The tent has windows on each side allowing air to circulate easily.

    - The tent can be accessed via zippered doors, allowing easy access for your children.

    Once the tent is unfolded, the trampoline cannot be used to jump on. This tent is an accessory and should not really be used to camp. If the weather is bad, we would recommend taking the tent down in order to protect it.

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