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Trampolines for professionals

For the installation of your battery, France Trampoline highly recommends the Aero range, which offers big and robust trampolines, ideal for intensive use. These trampolines are fitted with galvanized steel structures and can receive up to 10 jumping pads per battery.

Looking for a single trampoline for your establishment ? Check out our Pro One and Propulse trampolines.

All the materials used have been selected for their robustness and reliability : The jumping pads are manufactured with polypropylene mesh or a technical fabric coated in PVC, the springs and the structure are made using hot-dip galvanized steel, the most efficient anti-corrosion treatment for equipment that can remain outside all year round.

Our trampoline batteries meet EU standards EN 13219 and EN 913 regarding the design, manufacturing and the test methods used.

Propose a fashionable activity with your professional trampoline

Leisure centers are increasingly investing in professional trampolines because of the growing popularity of this activity. The trampoline is a favorite among thrill-seeking sports buffs that visit game areas offering this activity. France Trampoline's expertise guarantees you high-quality equipment for intensive use by people of different ages and corpulence. The users will be able to perform jumps and figures in a completely safe environment.

Our professional trampolines comply with current safety standards and may be set up in public places such as trampolines parks, fitness centers, amusement parks, and more. Outdoor leisure specialists will be able to rely on different models to diversify their offer. From a single trampoline to a battery of ten trampolines, to fitness trampolines, you'll find the installation that's right for you to amuse your visitors!

High-quality professional leisure trampolines

In order to sell professional trampolines, two criteria must be taken into account: performance and quality. Since 1971, our experience in the design of trampolines ensures you reliable, resistant equipment for inntensive use. Their galvanized steel structure offers optimal resistance to harsh weather conditions, and is built to last. The jumping mat provides users with dynamic jumps, and is completely safe thanks to its safety enclosure net installed all around the structure. For additional safety, we provide protective skirts to prevent children from crawling under the installation.

Access to our professional trampolines is made possible by a step-ladder, and a hinged net door that can be locked. To move freely between the jumping areas on the trampoline battery, we provide wide protection pad corridors. These serve a dual purpose: to cover the springs that hold the jumping mats in place, and to protect users from falling on the springs in the event of an awkward landing.

Discover our pro trampoline models for the general public

Whether you own an amusement park, a fitness center, or an outdoor leisure center, we provide you with a selection of models from which to purchase your professional trampoline. All our equipment is designed with the same care and rigorous standards, for a stimulating user experience from their very first jump.

Our batteries of trampolines are the ideal solution for an indoor or outdoor play area that is customized and adapted to your needs. You can assemble from two to ten jumping mats in the same enclosure in which users of all ages will have fun in complete safety. All you need to do is choose the color of your protection pads!

If you are looking for a standalone trampoline to satisfy the general public, we have several professional trampolines available for you. They offer a great experience to users of all ages, and are delivered with a step-ladder and an entry mat.

The trampoline is more than just a thrilling leisure activity, it's also an original, invigorating sport. Fitness centers and gyms can be equipped with a fitness trampoline or a springboard to offer visitors new activities. Private individuals may opt for an indoor trampoline to practice in the comfort of their own home.

Stay in shape with a trampoline

Jumping and performing figures on the jumping mat requires specific physical and mental capabilities that develop over time. The general public will appreciate the sensation of freedom they'll feel when practicing this original activity. With our professional trampolines, users have a perfectly safe framework in which to have fun and burn off energy!

This play area will let you play intensively, alone or with friends, and get in some quality exercise time. For even more fun, install some of our sports or game accessories, depending on how you use your installation.


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